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Spring Flowers Festival

Spring Flowers Festival

Spring Flowers Festival


From $1,979* pp | 9 Days  • Departs 20 April 2017 from Tokyo (Yokohama)  • Diamond Princess  *Rate is per person, cruise only, interior view twin share. 

Expereince the magical country of Japan

  • Experience the fascinating history, culture, and cuisine of Japan and Busan in South Korea
  • See Tokyo which is a paradoxical mix of ancient tradition and postmodern culture
  • Japan is steeped in tradition and lore, with ancient sites, hallowed temples and natural wonders throughout the island chain

Unique Japanese experiences

Ready your travel wish list and get ready to do some ticking. Japan is steeped in tradition and lore, with ancient sites, hallowed temples and natural wonders throughout the island chain. It was meant to be seen from the sea and Princess cruise holidays can introduce you to the colour, culture and flavours of Japan, onboard and ashore.



Port Arrive



Tokyo (Yokohama), Japan 5:00pm


At Sea


Busan, South Korea  2:00am  8:00pm


Sakaiminato, Japan 10:00am 5:00pm


Toyama, Japan 10:00am 5:00pm


Akita, Japan  7:00am  5:00pm


Hakodate, Japan 7:00am 11:59pm


Aomori, Japan 7:00am 11:00pm


At Sea


Tokyo (Yokohama), Japan 6:00am


Deck Plan


small tick-red-icon Cruise from Tokyo (Yokohama) to Tokyo

small tick-red-icon Elegant en-suite stateroom

small tick-red-icon All shipboard main meals – breakfast, lunch & dinner – excluding speciality restaurants/balcony dining

small tick-red-icon Beverages – iced tea, lemonade, water, tea varieties and non-speciality coffee

small tick-red-icon Room service

small tick-red-icon Most entertainment and activities onboard

small tick-red-icon All cruise taxes, fees & port expenses


small x red icon  Flights

small x red icon  Transfers

small x red icon  Shore excursions

small x red icon Visas

small x red icon  Comprehensive travel insurance

small x red icon  Items of a personal nature – laundry, telephone/stateroom calling

small x red icon  Tips and gratuities

Guest Capacity




Tokyo (Yokohama), Japan

Yokohama and Edo began life as sleepy fishing villages. That changed in the early 17th century after Tokugawa Ieyasu became Shogun. Edo became the center of political power in Japan, a position the city retained even after the restoration of Imperial rule in 1866.

Contemporary Tokyo may be the most astonishing city on earth. It’s a paradoxical mix of ancient tradition and postmodern culture. The Ginza – an international shopping mecca – stands near the serene grounds of the Imperial Palace, and the hyper-speed of 21st century consumerism is mysteriously reconciled with the elegance and serenity of traditional culture. Tokyo provides the traveller with a dizzying experience.

With the Meiji Restoration of 1868, Edo was renamed Tokyo, the “Eastern Capital,” to distinguish it from the old imperial capital at Kyoto, the “Western Capital.”

Busan, South Korea

The second largest city in South Korea, Busan is your gateway to a fascinating land whose culture is a unique amalgam of old and new. Modern high-rise towers dwarf ancient Buddhist temples. The city’s bustling business district offers a stark contrast to the serene grounds of Yongdusan Park. In short, Busan is a microcosm of South Korea, a nation whose startling economic success often obscures one of Asia’s most sophisticated and venerable cultures.

Busan was the scene of bitter fighting during the Korean War. The United Nations Memorial Cemetery marks the final resting place for the troops from 16 nations who gave their lives during the conflict.

Sakaiminato, Japan

Wedged between sea, sky and mountains, this small fishing port has been esteemed for centuries for its superb seafood. Here, the Sea of Japan yields up both crab and hon-maguro, the prized Bluefin tuna esteemed by gourmets around the world. Sakaiminato is also your gateway to a very ancient region of Honshu. West of the city lies Izumo-taisha, one of the oldest and holiest shrines in Shinto. This area is dotted with burial mounds from Japan’s Bronze Age. The town of Matsue boasts the celebrated “Black Castle,” a six-story, black-walled castle that home to a clan of the mighty Tokugawa dynasty that ruled Japan for over 250 years. And to the east rises the great snow-capped summit of Mt. Daisen, considered one of the four most scenic mountains in all Japan.

Also a common sight ashore are the Yokai – approximately 100 bronze statues of supernatural characters as imagined by famed manga comic author Shigeru Mizuki, who was born in Sakaiminato. The Yokai have become synonymous with the town and delight visitors at every turn.

Toyama, Japan

Located in the heart of coastal Japan, Toyama welcomes visitors with dramatic scenery, colourful crafts and engaging local sites. This modern capital city is also the gateway to the world-famous Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route in the Northern Japan Alps. Home to Shomyo Falls, the tallest waterfall in Japan and situated on the coast of the Sea of Japan, Toyama prides itself on the freshness of its seafood and its successful agricultural industries. Be sure to try the city’s signature Masu-sushi, made with locally produced rice and seafood from the bay. Popular attractions include the Zuiryuji Temple, Soto sect of Zen Buddhism noted for its landscaping and elegant architecture and Masu Sushi Museum where you can see the art of sushi making. Looking for something out of the ordinary? Step inside The Hotaruika (firefly squid) Museum and experience a dedication to this “illuminating” creature of the sea. And visiting Uozu Buried Forest and Mirage Museum is also a good idea. Here, you will learn the history of ancient cedar trees found buried under the Sea of Japan for more than 2,000 years and about the mysterious mirage that is seen in the area.

Akita, Japan

Akita is a mountainous northern prefecture on Honshu, Japan’s main island. It’s home to many hot springs, notably those surrounding Lake Tazawa.

Hakodate, Japan

It took Commodore Perry and American gunboat diplomacy to open Japan to the outside world after two centuries of self-imposed isolation. In 1859, the port of Hakodate became the first Japanese city fully opened to Westerners under the Treaty of Amity and Commerce. Foreigners soon flocked to Hakodate, and today visitors wandering the cobblestone streets of the city’s Motomachi District can view their Western-style frame houses. Hakodate, once a fishing port famed for its high quality fish and shellfish, quickly became Hokkaido’s largest city and one of Japan’s most important ports. The Great Hakodate Fire of 1934 dealt the city a near fatal blow – a blow from which Hakodate was slow to recover. Today the city is Hokkaido’s third largest – surpassed by Sapporo and Asahikawa – but retains its foremost position as the finest Japanese producer of sushi’s raw product: the high quality seafood caught in Hokkaido’s cold waters.

It may not compare to Tokyo’s Tsukiji’s Fish Market, but at Hakodate’s four-block-long Morning Market, vendors offer a stunning array of fresh fish and shellfish prized for sushi including salmon roe, sea urchin, scallops and crab. Restaurants and food stands prepare a wide arrange of dishes including domburi topped with fresh seafood.

Aomori, Japan

The capital of the Aomori Prefecture in northern Japan, Aomori derives much of its beauty from the apple orchards and cherry blossoms that encompass its landscape and the snow-covered Hakkoda Mountains that look on from a distance. Throughout its history, the city has been stricken with misfortune time and time again – in 1910, a fire destroyed Aomori, and during World War II, the city was left in ruins following an air raid – yet it always prevails.

Aomori is perhaps best known for its renowned Nebuta Festival, an elaborate yearly event in which participants illuminate giant paper representations of samurai warriors, animals, and popular cartoon characters while parading them through the streets.



  • Anytime Dining or Traditional Dining (breakfast, lunch & dinner) * Exceptions: Anytime Dining is not available on Dawn, Sea, and Sun Princess (while sailing in Australia), Ocean, or Pacific Princess.
  • Room Service (24 hours)
  • Casual Dining Venues * Exceptions: Vines Wine & Seafood Bar & speciality drinks at the International Café
  • Beverages (Iced Tea, Lemonade, Water, Tea varieties, Non- Speciality Coffee) * Exceptions: Sodas, Alcoholic Beverages
  • Specialty Restaurants (including Chef’s Table) *Additional fees may apply
  • Balcony Dining (breakfast & dinner only) *Additional fees may apply

Entertainment and Amenities:

  • Daytime activities, including the fitness centre (exceptions are speciality fitness classes), zumba classes, afternoon trivia, whirlpool spas and pools
  • Captain’s Welcome Champagne Waterfall Reception
  • Lotus Spa – included for Suite passengers – enjoy use of Lotus Spa Thermal Suite with the following exceptions:
    Royal Princess.
  • Discovery at SeaTM onboard activities
  • Library & Princess Book Club
  • Internet Access – Included for Platinum and Elite Captain’s Circle members – receive credit toward Internet Café packages
  • ScholarShip@Sea® enrichment activities * Exceptions: Creativity@Sea, Ceramic@Sea
  • Evening entertainment featuring live comedy, theatre, casino, karaoke, nightclubs, cinema and theme night parties
  • Theatre/Production Shows & Guest Entertainer Shows
  • Movies Under the Stars

In the staterooms:

  • En suite air-conditioned accommodation
  • Personal steward
  • Hairdryer and bathroom sundries
  • Refrigerator
  • Stateroom TV programming

For the family:

  • Youth & Teen Programs * Exceptions: Group Kid sitting
  • Youth & Teen Activities * Exceptions: Jr. Chef@Sea cooking workshop


  • All Australian and overseas port taxes

Grand Suite with Balcony

Premium accommodations and luxurious appointments are the signature of our expansive 319 to 730-square-foot Suites. Suite staterooms include a spacious cabin and large 114 to 181-square-foot balcony, along with special suite-only benefits. All Suites include a separate seating area with a sofabed, walk-in closet, full bathroom and deluxe amenities.


Family Suite with Balcony

Premium accommodations and luxurious appointments are the signature of our expansive 525 to 1,329-square-foot Suites. Your Suite stateroom includes a spacious cabin and large 161 to 452-square-foot balcony, along with special suite-only benefits. Suites feature a separate seating area with a sofabed, walk-in closet, full bathroom and deluxe amenities.


 Suite with Balcony

Premium accommodations and luxurious appointments are the signature of our expansive 525 to 1,329-square-foot Suites. Your Suite stateroom includes a spacious cabin and large 161 to 452-square-foot balcony, along with special suite-only benefits. Suites feature a separate seating area with a sofabed, walk-in closet, full bathroom and deluxe amenities.


Mini-Suite with Balcony

The luxurious Mini-Suite offers approximately 354 square feet of comfort and a separate seating area with a sofa bed for lounging or sleeping a third passenger. The spacious balcony is approximately 80 square feet and the bathroom offers a combination tub and shower.


Premium Balcony

The spacious 237 to 277-square-foot Premium Balcony stateroom is appointed with the same fine amenities as our Balcony stateroom. Select staterooms feature a large balcony of 88 square feet and/or have a rear-facing balcony from which to enjoy dramatic wake views.



The spacious approximately 237-square-foot Balcony stateroom is appointed with fine amenities and outstanding views from an approximately 46-square-foot private balcony.


Premium Oceanview

The Premium Oceanview stateroom is approximately 200 square feet and features a forward-facing cabin for memorable views. The Premium Oceanview stateroom is richly appointed with fine amenities.



The Oceanview stateroom is approximately 183 to 194 square feet and features a picture window for memorable views. The Oceanview stateroom is richly appointed with fine amenities.

Oceanview (Obstructed)

The Obstructed Oceanview stateroom is approximately 183 to 190 square feet and features the same fine amenities as our Oceanview stateroom, but the view from the picture window is either fully or partially obstructed.


The Interior stateroom is approximately 168 to 182 square feet and richly appointed with fine amenities.


Dine in the manner that suits your schedule instead of cramping your style. Choose from Traditional Dining, Anytime Dining, Specialty Dining or Casual Dining.

Our Princess chefs are true culinary artists who insist on serving the very finest cuisine – and it shows. Our entire fleet has been inducted into the prestigious Chaîne des Rôtisseurs gastronomic society. Each chef’s menu is creative and the selections change every day. Pair that with impeccable service and you’re in for an unforgettable gourmet experience.


This ship offers several formal dining rooms in the cruise tradition, with Traditional Dining at the same times for each meal, with attentive service provided by your own waiter throughout the cruise.

  • International Dining Room


Anytime Dining* means you aren’t limited to eating at a fixed time or place on the ship. Instead, the choice of when and where you want to eat is flexible, based only on your stomach’s whim.

  • Pacific Moon Dining Room
  • Santa Fe Dining Room
  • Savoy Dining Room
  • Vivaldi Dining Room


Our ships’ restaurants are always in big demand and this ship’s options are no exception, serving up exquisite local specialties and gourmet favourites. Reservations recommended. Cover charge applies.



Want to maximise your pool time and minimise your mealtime? Get a quick and satisfying bite whenever you like at our Casual Dining eateries, or get take-out and dine by the pool.

  • Horizon Court buffet
  • Lobby Bar
  • Sundaes ice cream bar
  • Prego Pizzeria
  • Trident Grill (burgers & hot dogs)
  • Afternoon tea
  • 24-hour room service



Nights are always a buzz with activity, and it’s up to you to choose your pleasure – from live theatre and the big screen, to plush lounges, swanky casinos and dance clubs.

To say the nightlife onboard is entertaining is an understatement. Illuminating the stage in captivating productions, our performers are some of the most talented musicians, singers and dancers at sea. Our Princess Signature Shows, lounge performers, movies and casinos are just some of the entertainment our guests enjoy as they escape completely.


This ship’s theatre venues are designed with great acoustics, the best seats in the house, and stellar acts. The movies shown are all first-run feature-length films.

  • Princess Theatre
  • Movies Under the Stars®

Hot Spots

Our ship’s Hot Spots are just that – sizzling! They vary depending upon the ship and feature dazzling casinos, our Movies Under The Stars outdoor theatre, night clubs, dance floors and more.

  • Grand Casino
  • Explorers Lounge (nightclub-style performances)
  • Skywalkers Nightclub (top deck nightclub)
  • Club Fusion
  • Movies Under the Stars®


Whether you’re in the mood for a cosy space to sip cocktails with someone special or a swanky place to savour a cigar and make new friends, Princess ships provide it all.

  • Wheelhouse Bar
  • Churchill Lounge*
  • Crooners Bar
  • Wake View Bar

* Designated guest smoking area.



Fill your days with activities and do nothing the next. Take a personal enrichment class, do yoga, go duty-free shopping, or just relax with a dip in one of the pools or spas.

Diamond Princess Japanese Bath

Exclusively on Diamond Princess sailings, the world’s largest open air Japanese bath, with both indoor and outdoor bathing areas, evokes the serenity of a classic Japanese spa while you soak in spectacular ocean views.

Pools & Spas

Sometimes floating serenely just isn’t enough – splash around or take a dip in one of this ship’s bubbling hot tubs.

  • Calypso Reef and Pool (plus 2 hot tubs)
  • Neptune’s Reef and Pool (plus 2 hot tubs)
  • Lap Pool (plus 2 hot tubs)
  • Terrace Pool
  • Oasis hot tubs


Our ships will keep you on the run, literally, with basketball, paddle tennis, jogging tracks and state-of-the-art gyms equipped with machines that’ll keep your heart rate pumping.

  • Lotus Spa®, gym and fitness area
  • The Sanctuary
  • Nine-hole putting course (Princess Links)
  • Shuffleboard


When is a cruise an opportunity to enrich? When it’s a Princess cruise. This ship offers area lectures, art exhibits and classes taught by local experts.

  • World-class art collection, gallery and auctions
  • ScholarShip@Sea®
  • 24-hour Internet service (wireless access available)
  • Library and writing room
  • Hearts & Minds Wedding Chapel


Deals on designer clothing and gifts, including Lladro, Swarovski, Calvin Klein, Tommy Bahama, Lancome, Clinique, Estee Lauder, and Fossil – all up to 30% off.

  • Boutiques (duty-free)
  • Future Cruise Sales

Under 18

Under 18

A Princess Cruise means fun for the entire family – with activities for kids to keep them happy and special teen programs to get them involved too. With Princess, young kids and teens have their own kind of fun – and their own place to hang out. Our youth and teen centres are fully equipped with everything from the latest video games and movies, to arts and crafts, fooseball tables, board games and jukeboxes. And for the littlest ones, activities like kids’ karaoke, pizza parties, pyjama nights and more.

Kids & Teens

This ship’s activities run the age-appropriate gamut for those under 18 – from Princess Pelicans (ages 3 to 7), and Shockwaves (ages 8-12), to Remix (ages 13-17).

  • The Fun Zone
  • Teen Centre
  • Splash pool


per person from*

Cruise Code

Interior Ocean View Balcony Mini Suite



Diamond Princess

$1,979 $2,479 $2,989 $3,679 $6,679
Guests 3 & 4 – same stateroom $989 $1,239 $1,494 $1,839 $3,339
*Prices shown are all from prices and per person. Fares shown are based on availability in lead in cabins and whilst all information is correct at the time of publication, prices are subject to change or withdrawal.
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